Payne High Efficiency Natural Gas Furnaces




Payne offers the right products at the right price, offering dependable, comfortable and efficient comfort season after season. So make the decision easy on yourself – choose Payne. When you do, you’re choosing a long-standing history of indoor comfort products that bring both value and comfort to your home.


During harsh winter conditions, it’s great to know you can warm up your home with a reliable, efficient Payne® furnace. Add a Payne central air conditioner and properly matched evaporator coil and you can count on cool, soothing relief from summer’s heat as well. It’s a total system solution for indoor comfort you can count on all year long.

No matter which model you choose, you can expect comfort and savings to continue for years because Payne products are designed, built, and tested for long lasting operation.

Deluxe Condensing Gas Furnaces: 92% AFUE (PG9MA)
96% AFUE


Delivering Outstanding Comfort and Efficiency

The PG96VAT offers the highest efficiency of all of the Payne furnaces: at 96% AFUE, every $1.00 you spend on heating results in only $0.04 being wasted through the heating process.

Our variable-speed blower motor in the PG96VAT delivers only the amount of heated air that you need to ensure that you’re enjoy complete comfort and you’ll do so quietly. And because of the variable-speed blower motor, with a compatible outdoor air conditioner or heat pump you’ll enjoy enhanced efficiencies in your Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER)*.

*As compared to the Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute’s standard coil-only rating when paired with selected Payne evaporator coils.


Deluxe Condensing Gas Furnaces: 92% AFUE (PG9MA)
95.% AFUE

Added Comfort with Two-Stage Heat from Payne

With efficiency of up to 95.5%, the PG95X offers quiet operation and the reduced drafts through your home.

Our stainless steel secondary heat exchanger extends heat transfer for higher efficiency use of fuel. The secondary heat exchanger wrings out additional heat energy to make it available to your home.

You’ll also benefit from an increase in the overall SEER* of your air conditioning system thanks to the electrically efficient blower motor that smoothly and quietly delivers comfortable air throughout your home. Payne is excited to offer a family of furnaces featuring an enhanced blower motor.

*As compared to the Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute’s standard coil-only rating when paired with selected Payne evaporator coils.

Deluxe Condensing Gas Furnaces: 92% AFUE (PG9MA)
95% AFUE

 Delivering Outstanding Comfort & Efficiency

The PG95S offers heightened efficiency at 95% AFUE and the dependability that Payne gas furnace products are known for!

The PG95S leverages every one of your heating dollars by using $0.95 to heat your home, compared with standard gas furnaces that can only use $0.80 of every dollar. In part we have designed our secondary heat exchanger to wring out all this heat from the fuel used. The result is a warm, comfortable house with a minimum of waste.


Deluxe Condensing Gas Furnaces: 92% AFUE (PG9MA)
92% AFUE

Solid Payne Performance

The PG92S single-stage gas furnace offers quiet operation from a durable, long-lasting appliance. At 92% AFUE, this furnace will use $0.92 cents of every dollar to heat your home. And it’s quiet, too.

The PG92S is a great addition to any home, with its tight-fitting doors to reduce air leakage to less than 2% and quiet, sure-firing burners. Warm up to the Payne line of gas furnaces by selecting the PG92S model.