UNIQUE Propane Refrigerators



All our Unique versions come with dual power (LP gas/110 volt).  You can use on 110 volt, then when the power goes out, you can switch to propane.  Never worry about losing refrigeration again in the country.

Unique off-grid appliances take off-grid living to another level.  Our gas ranges are simply the best in the business.  Unique’s certified propane refrigerators and propane freezers (critical for insurance/liability coverage) offer the widest product range in the world (2.2 cu/ft to 18.2 cu/ft).  And our portable 3-way fridges/freezers enable improved off-grid living – contact Energy Tech Services for a quote today!

CSA Certified – Provincial authorities in Canada require all free-standing propane-refrigerators to be fitted with safety devices (i.e. carbon monoxide monitor or direct vent capability) to receive CSA approval. It is illegal to install a non-approved unit. Installing a non-approved/non-certified unit may void your cottage/home insurance coverage, either in Canada or the United States!