Unique UGP13



We are very pleased to announce the certification and launch of the UNIQUE 13, simply the best looking gas fridge on the market today. The UNIQUE 13 provides a perfect combination of size, space and functionality.

Stylish and Functional – Combining the capacity of a larger fridge with the exterior dimensions to fit in a more confined space, the UNIQUE 13 fits ALL your needs!

Efficient & Ergonomically Designed – Specifically designed to suit all your needs with unprecedented interior space and clean, modern styling. The UNIQUE 13 boasts removable glass shelves and crispers making the interior every bit as attractive as the exterior. A huge 3.2 cubic foot freezer provides space for your ice cream, meat and even bags of ice for your drinks!

Innovative Modular Coil – Specifically designed for ease of use, this modular cooling system can be removed and sent separately for recharging, repair or replacement. This reduces shipping costs and minimizes the potential for damage to the fridge.

For more details and a printable brochure, please click on the link below:

Unique 13 Product Description