Unique 30 – Range

We regularly stock the UGP30B and the UGP24W which are available in White, Black or Stainless Steel

Unique 30

Unique 30


We just moved off-grid cooking forward 30 years!
The UNIQUE 30 has the following features and benefits:
Safety First – With Unique’s new 9 volt ignition system, you have no more need for matches…With a single-cooking surface, you do not have to worry about large pots (eg spaghetti) falling off small circular wire grates and spilling boiling water.
Cast-Iron Cooking Surface – Our two-piece single cooking surface not only looks great, but is very functional. Now you can easily move pots around, on and off burners, as you cook. As mentioned above, it also safely holds large pots and pans.
Sealed Burners – The existing off-grid gas ranges have open burners – food drops down and is difficult to clean. With Unique’s sealed burners, you can very easily lift up the front of a cast-iron grate and clean the stove only on one surface – much more practical! You’ll love this feature…
9 Volt Battery Ignition – The UNIQUE 30 operates without electricity. Now you can also use for “brown” applications where there are frequent electrical disruptions…This gas range by design fits perfectly in your modern kitchen. No more worries about power outages…
Green – The UNIQUE 30 does not have pilot burners burning all the time on the stovetop. Not only is this more energy efficient, but cheaper!
Great Looks – The UNIQUE 30 is just a great looking off-grid gas ranges. With contemporary knobs with stainless steel bezels and handles, with cast-iron grates and burner caps, and with a modern overall design, you’ll love this range for many years in your kitchen.

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