Solution 3.4

many features, including a 3/8'' steel top and a blower, that make up this unique product - and make the dream your own.

There are many features, including a 3/8” steel top and a blower, that make up this unique product so check them out and make the dream your own.

The Solution 3.4 is the ultimate device for people who want all the power possible from a wood heating system.

Its huge 3.4 cubic-foot firebox holds 22-inch logs and provides an outstanding burning time. The Solution 3.4 also has a baffle moulded in C-Cast, a light and revolutionary refractory material that guarantees exceptional durability. The weighted average of particulate emissions produced by the Solution 3.4 comes to less than 3.8 g/hr., making this stove one of the cleanest units in its range.

  • Model Number: EB00007
  • 100,000 BTU/hr.
  • Heating capacity : 500 to 2,700 sq. ft
  • Firebox volume of 3.4 cubic feet
  • Log loading over width or depth
  • Maximum log length of 22″
  • Self-cleaning glass system
  • Ash drawer with safety lid
  • Blower included
  • Optimum efficiency : 78%
  • Tested by Intertek as per applicable standards (EPA/CSA/UL/ULC and/or others)
  • Cast iron door overlay (black, gold plated or brushed nickel plated)
  • Blower thermodisc kit
  • Quick connect thermodisc kit